Sophie doesn’t care what anyone says—she wants Rooter. Labeled by the local news as a “vicious criminal,” he is the very image of one. But the tattoos, muscles, and brooding countenance only manage to intensify her interest in him.

After Rooter saves her from a pair of dangerous thugs, Sophie begins to see the man behind the visage. Regardless of the past he brings with him, and the dangerous secrets she can tell he is hiding, Sophie believes Rooter is a good man—one who will protect her with his very life.

Swept into a passionate love affair, Sophie realizes that while Rooter isn’t as evil as everyone believes him to be, being with him isn’t as easy and perfect as she envisioned. When his ex “friend with benefits” refuses to stay out of their lives, she demands he take action. Rooter refuses to cut his ex-lover completely out of his life, and Sophie isn’t sure she can accept the status quo.

When the same ex makes the accusation of a brutal crime, Sophie and Rooter’s relationship is left reeling. Will they be able to come back from the edge of the precipice they find themselves on… or will their love end before they ever even have the chance to savor it?

***If you enjoy books by authors such as Colleen Hoover and Jamie McGuire, give Rooter a try!

Rooter by Teiran Smith

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was an awesome book! The only time I put it down was to sleep and that was only because I fell asleep reading. There was so much sexual tension that I thought I would explode once they even kissed. Rooter might be a big bad biker but he was kind and gentle and even cried. I love a protective, sexy biker. Swoon. This book did drive me a little crazy, though. Sophie and Rooter get very little down time. It is one problem after another. So, I dont really feel like I got to enjoy them together. I saw at the end that there is another book coming. I cant wait because I hoping things calm down some and these two can get married and have some babies! I was so happy to see a part two because I just was not ready to let go. So bring on book two!!!

I received this book from Netgalley for an honest review.

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