rusting him threatens to break me. Not trusting him threatens to kill me. …

I was stolen from my brother’s bedside by bad men with evil intentions. Tall, dark, and terrifying, Dimitri stands out. He shows tenderness and kindness that the other members of the Russian mob seem incapable of.

There’s something familiar and comforting about him. Something that draws me in. I feel safe when he’s near and long to feel his protective arms around me. The more time I spend with him, the more of my heart he steals and the harder it is for me to fight my attraction to him

I want to trust him, to believe he’ll keep me safe, but secrets begin to surface. Secrets with deadly consequences. Dark secrets that have been following us both for years.

Trusting him threatens to break me. Not trusting him threatens to kill me.

No matter what I choose, my life will never be the same.

My Russian Nightmare by Danielle Sibarium

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

I waited to write this review for a couple of hours because I am trying to wrap my head around how I feel. Did I like this book overall? Yes. But then why did I give a 3? I am torn because my analytical mind and my screw it because it is fiction mind are at war. I loved the plot and the characters. I loved Dimitri and his fierce passion and demanding presence. The chemistry is palpable between Dimitri and Kiera, but then why the 3? I think it was because I was left with too many questions. Questions that I cant reveal without giving the plot away. I kept waiting for the betrayal or the twist because Kieras brother keeps alluding to one but nothing. I felt like a huge something was going to happen and then nothing. I mean it was a quick and passionate short read, but although it was good, it had the potential to be freaking amazing. I think a book 2 is in order!