Friendship, Love and Life…

Sam- Carefree, innocent, and in love. All is destroyed when life has other plans. Love isn’t easy, especially when mixed with dissapointment, heartache and broken trust.

Alec- The weight of a life changing secret is suffocating. His love for her is his oxygen. Will his love be enough or will he be too late?

Emmett- Life gives and life takes away. Tormented by what and who he can’t have. Will he fight or lose his soul?

When fate steps in, their lives are irrevocably changed.

Love’s Secret Torment is the story of three people’s search for answers as they deal with life’s cruel turns. Does surviving their destiny and living with the aftermath come at too great a cost? Join them on their journey as they face the rocky steps of a fate-twisted adulthood.

My 4.5-star review

This book left me with many emotions.  I almost finished it in one night, but I had to put it down because I was sobbing so hard I could barely breathe.  The emotional mess it left me in was almost unbearable.  There were times where I was able to smile and laugh, but the torment Sam, Alex, and Emmett live through is just heartbreaking.  The only reason I give this a little ding is because of the development.  Alec and Sams relationship happens so fast that I never really got to get settled in their relationship.  Maybe that was the point though. Maybe it was supposed to be a whirlwind romance.  Either way that is my little ding, but besides that, this is a must read.  Well, it is if you can handle the emotional train wreck it takes the reader on.  Although it is emotionally draining, all is worth it in the end.  It is like life-ups and downs-but it is what you learn from it that makes you stronger.  So, grab some tissues and get ready to read!

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