When a knee injury ends twenty-year-old Quinn Rowland’s pro tennis career, he’s not only dumped by his hot Russian girlfriend but ordered to attend college by his disinterested billionaire father. A rich kid who’s not used to being disappointed by life, Quinn and his sociopathic half-brother Sebastian create a frat house game intended to treat girls how they see them—as simple game pieces to be manipulated for their pleasure.

College sophomore Emilie Swanson knows Quinn’s reputation—after all, he did send one of her sorority sisters into therapy earlier in the semester—but the game and his charm bring them closer together and soon she starts to believe there’s more to Quinn than people think.

But what if the more is something darker than a game of toying with emotions and breaking hearts?

Quinn and Emilie might be falling for each other, but there are secrets he’s not ready to tell—and lifestyle changes he’s reluctant to make. She willingly stepped on the court, but if Emilie finds out she started out as nothing as a pawn in Quinn and Sebastian’s twisted game, she might never forgive him.

To his surprise, Quinn finds that he might finally care about someone more than he cares about himself…even if that means letting Emilie walk away for good.

Broken at Love by Lyla Payne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I know this book has gotten mixed reviews, but I really enjoyed it. If I a teetering between a 4 and a 5, one big thing has to happen-I have to become emotionally swept up/butterflies in my tummy. Most of the book read like a four, but wham about mid-way I kept flying through the pages, not being able to sleep, and hung on. Quinn was such a sad character, and I kept wondering would I have been an Annette in college or an Emilie? Games like this happen all the time, unfortunately, but it nice to see that at least in fiction all ends well.

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